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Welcome to
Horse Health Matters
We provide information on complementary therapies for
Horses and Dogs
including Radionics,
Animal Communication and Psychological profiling
of horses and riders.
"It should be our duty to care, protect and respect"
Chrissie Mason
Where the health of your animal matters to you...

All information contained and provided on this web site named ‘horse health matters' is provided strictly for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice, care, diagnosis or treatment, and is not designed to promote or endorse any veterinary medical practice, programme or agenda, veterinary medical tests, products or procedures.

This web site does not contain information about all animal diseases; nor does this web site contain all information that may be relevant to an individual medical or health condition. You should not use any of the information provided for diagnosing or treating your animal for a medical or health condition. If you suspect your animal has a medical or health condition you should consult your veterinary surgeon or approved professional practitioner.

You agree that you will under no circumstances disregard any professional veterinary medical advice or delay seeking such advice in reliance on any information provided through this web site, any reliance on such information is solely at your own risk.

Information on or provided through this web site regarding herbal treatments, nutritional and dietary advices and supplements, human or animal over the counter products, homeopathy and radionics have not all been evaluated or approved for use in animal medicine. You agree to consult or communicate with your veterinary surgeon or approved health practitioner before beginning any course of treatment for your animal or using any of the information provided.

Chrissie Mason PhD BRCP

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